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During the process of collaborating with the Nordic companies and the designers, their desire and caution for Chinese market and resource are obvious. Their caution comes from trust and cultural differences which need time to adapt, like a newborn baby's desire and sensitive for light; and in China, whether the designers, entrepreneurs or other peers, who are looking for an right time and opportunity, are hoping to learn and practice concrete methods, as well as experience and knowledge. So, we hope to be a bridge between Sweden and China, to improve communication efficiency, reduce communication costs, so that the "New Silk Road" extends to northern Europe.


Nordic Innovation Design Journey 北欧创新设计之旅

In fact we are both strange and familiar to northern Europe, the strange part is that we still can't tell the difference between Sweden and Switzerland, the familiar part is that many known brands and famous design masters are actually from northern Europe, such as IKEA, Volvo, Saab, ABB, SKF, H&M, Nobel award and so on; and also the designer of the Sydney Opera House Joslash Utzon. The famous 'The Chair' designer Hans Wegner, and Finland national treasure design masters Alvar Aalto etc.

It is because the Nordic people are naturally low-key, if you want to absorb nutrients from the fertile soil or grow together, it is not enough to just look and listen, you need to put yourselves in communication and interaction, learn from the mentor organized and targeted, and also learn from peers. These are the purposes of Nordic Innovation journey.

Last Nordic Design Journey has created great response, the new one is coming.





China Innovation Production Journey 中国创新生产之旅

The business opportunities in China and rise of China is making the whole of Europe unable to control themselves. How to have better communication and cooperation with Chinese partners, trust each other more? How to make the design with less country borders; make the business easier to do? The first step is the key. So, we are planning to take the Nordic people to experience the real China, take the first step to enter the Chinese market.


Under Planning 筹划中




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Stockholm Furniture Fair

2015. Feb.3 - Feb.7

Nordic Design Journey

2015.2.1 - 2.10

LKK Design Journey

2015. April


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Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the world's largest meeting place for Scandinavian furniture and lighting design, for both home and public environments.

Nordic Design Journey

2015.2.1 - 2.10




Design Journey


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